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 XIE-XING GLOVES ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is established in 1979. During this period, our manufa-cturing process underwent transit-ions from labor hand made to fully automatic production. Through continuous innovation and product development, gradually improving technical skills, emphasizing on cus-tomer priority service quality, careful material selection, product design, mold developments, all the way to product completion, each step of the way never compromising. Today, our product quality is already ...more >>


  • T512 Short Length Latex Rubber GloveT512 Short Length Latex Rubber Glove
    Features: 1.Strong and Durable 2.Non Sticky, comfort touch 3.Non Slippery …
  • T511 Black outside Orange inside Latex Rubber GloveT511 Black outside Orange inside Latex Rubber Glove
    Features: 1.The special designed patterned-palm gives excellent grip, increases…
  • E650 Disposable Rubber GlovesE650 Disposable Rubber Gloves
    Features: Low penetration rate、flexible、strong、light weight、slim、comfort、durable…
  • E670 Disposable Rubber GlovesE670 Disposable Rubber Gloves
    Features: High chemical stability, High penetration resistance to grease and chemical…

Professional manufacturer of rubber gloves:

Household use rubber gloves, Industrial rubber gloves, Medical rubber glove, Test using latex gloves, Examination gloves with PVC, NBR oil resistant gloves, PE gloves for medical use, Acid-alkali rubber gloves, Plastic gloves, Rubber toy product development.

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