XIE-XING GLOVES ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. is established in 1979. During this period, our manufacturing process underwent transitions from labor hand made to fully automatic production. Through continuous innovation and product development, gradually improving technical skills, emphasizing on customer priority service quality, careful material selection, product design, mold developments, all the way to product completion, each step of the way never compromising. Today, our product quality is already above the standard of other South-East Asia Latex Rubber Gloves Manufacturers.

    To meet up the demand from the growing Latex Rubber Gloves market, in 2000, we moved our Zhang-Hua Xiushui Plant to Pu Yan county and acquired advanced facilities, was first to adopt an automatic machinery to manufacture industrial use Latex Glove, which further enhanced production efficiency, cost reduction, quality assurance.

    In 2001, through acquisition of Soft and ShujieLe from Jin Guo, the so-called Car wheel brands,which opens the door for Rubber Gloves exports market.

    We are a professional Latex Rubber Gloves Manufacturer, and for many years developing rubber toys. Well established brands like 333, Bair Lan, Soft and ShujieLe are all part of our product line. 

    Main Products
    Household use rubber gloves, Industrial rubber gloves, Medical rubber glove, NBR oil resistant gloves, Acid-alkali rubber gloves, Plastic gloves, Rubber toy product development.

    Business Concept
    Trustworthy,Professionalism, Quality, Reliability
    Dig deep in Taiwan, global view, Perpetual Operation

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